Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vietnam English Cotton ~ Assorted Prints (5 Prints Available)



 Vietnam English Cotton ~ Assorted Prints

A soft, lightweight, airy 60" cotton with good thread count.  Beautiful prints in different hues. A truly gorgeous fabric. Would make stunning baju kurung, punjabi suit, blouse+sarong, pillow cases or any of your favourite sewing/needlecraft projects.

Size : 3.5m x 60"
Price : RM65/USD20 each set (without postage)
Status : A, B, C & E (1 set available each), F (2 sets available), D & G Sold!

To order, just email to

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  1. hi lovely designs? this is good to make out what is if for dress,shirt? the material or print from viet?

    1. Hi Mag, all lovely designs on breathable cotton, suitable to make traditional costumes. Prints are clear & vivid.